Put UNITY back in commUNITY.
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Our Rapid Response Team is meant to serve as a way by which we can quickly notify people to an act of extremism and put into motion a positive response to show that our communities will not give in to acts of hate. The Rapid Response Team will be both off line and online responses.

  • Off line teams will have the focus of showing up at the location of an act of extremism to show support and work to fix any damage that may have been done. If a separate event is scheduled to offer support or discuss what happened and how to deal with it, we will notify those on the Rapid Response Team so they can also participate in these events. This would even include a local vigil or rally in response to an act of extremism that happened anywhere in the country, or possibly even the world.

  • Online Rapid Response will be aimed at getting positive messages out on social media. This would include sending messages of support to any victims, as well as promoting and spreading the word about any positive responses to these events rather than the focus being soley on the hateful act. The goal is to take the attention away from those perpetuating these acts and put it on those who will not let hate win.

If you would like to join our Rapid Response Team, please sign up below.