Put UNITY back in commUNITY.
​ ​​

     Of The People is a campaign started by a group of Metro State University of Denver (MSU) students to combat the rising tide of white supremacy and anti-government extremism in America by slowing recruitment efforts. The Department of Homeland Security has identified domestic terrorism as a bigger threat to American security than ISIS/ISIL. We believe feelings of isolation and a lack of community is contributing to recruitment by white supremacy and anti-government groups. We want to reduce their recruitment by:
     1)Combatting the messages of hate and violence online;
     2)Create opportunities for people to engage directly with their community and government.

     With a two-prong approach of online and offline engagement Of The People believes they can not only counter the extremist messaging, but show people they are not as alone as they feel. The online campaign seeks to highlight and increase the positive responses to negative events. The hope is that positivity will start to breed and spread faster than negativity and hate. The offline campaign seeks to help people get involved directly with their government at all levels, and with their community through volunteerism and our Unity Parties. Of The People’s ultimate goal is to “Put the UNITY back in commUNITY.”